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Advice for Laura Zilli- If You Can't Say Something Nice...

You may be aware of an article that appeared in the Daily Mail recently about a young lady who is apparently the UK's next big cookery programming star. With a headline shouting "Move Over Nigella!" (how predictable can you get?) Laura Zilli made her opening promotional bid to become the nation's new "queen of the kitchen" (or whatever other horrendous cliché you want to label her aspiration as).

Laura Zilli (copyright. Daily Mail)
Hmm, I hear you say, that name, Zilli, sounds familiar. Well, yes it does. She is in fact the daughter of Aldo Zilli. Already an established "celebrity chef." That's fine. Some people might say, she's only getting the exposure because of her father, but, in reality, a lot of us would use that to get places too if we could. As long as she's humble about the fact that her familial ties might be playing a part in the fact she's even had one scrap of attention from a book publisher and the press, I'll have no problem.

But somewhat predictably, she doesn't. Not one jot. And, it seems no respect for the women that have gone before her. Give the article a quick read here if you want and then (hopefully) come back here-

See what I mean? Miss Zilli is indeed a model. Good for her. Use what you have if you want to make money. I have no problem. I can't criticise someone who uses their natural looks for monetary gain any more than someone who uses their natural pleasant singing tone. That is to say, not at all. I wish her all the luck. I mean, even if she wants to be a "cookery star," that's fair enough. If someone is interested in publishing her book, that's good for her.

What I object to is someone who is completely unproved, except in the field of trying their best to get on TV (she featured as an "budding singer/songwriter" in short lived C4 reality series "Seven Days"), walking into the room with such a rotten attitude.

In a move that was almost certainly recommended by whoever does her PR (bravo, by the way, it got me talking about her) she says that her cooking is "far more refined" than that of Nigella Lawson and criticises her use of cream and butter, concluding "no one wants to be fat."

Not content with that she then turns her focus on Sophie Dahl. Perhaps an easier target you might think. I don't know. Sophie Dahl's move into the food realm began with writing which she already had considerable experience of, being a published author and writer for magazines. Some of her cookery may have been simple, but why can't someone get on TV and share the simple dishes that they love? She certainly didn't approach her television series within any sense that she was suddenly the heir to anyone's throne.

She says of Dahl that she had "no real background in food," as if having daddy occasionally show you how to whip up a dish or two in the family kitchen is enough for her to buy a saddle for the high-horse she's sat upon. She then says she "doesn't understand why she had her own cookery show" before bitchily adding that being a "former plus-sized model" shouldn't make you an "authority on food"

As for her own aspirations, Miss Zilli seems to put some ridiculous focus on teaching women how to cook whilst wearing their Jimmy Choos. How pathetic. How backwards. Is that all women should be expected to wear in the kitchen? Can she even comprehend that outside her little Notting Hill world that most women in the UK don't own a pair of said highly expensive designer heels? Does she think female chefs at the top of their game, such as Angela Hartnett or Hélène Darroze turn up for work in a pair of strappy stilettos?

What's most annoying is that Laura Zilli does not seem to have any genuine passion for food. There is nothing to suggest she has worked in a professional kitchen at any point, despite the fact her fathers owns restaurants. It is also clear that from her time on extremely unsuccessful reality show, "Seven Days," where for the purpose of that she was a "singer/songwriter," that she just wants to have fame (and probably the money that might come with it). Whether she is a singer or a food broadcaster/writer, she does not seem to mind. That's not someone who I want to watch on my TV screen. Give me Nigella any day.


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  1. So I take it this tramps aspirations for a cooking show have failed?