Friday, 20 January 2012

Cakes from Gail's Bakery = Happy Blogger

Look at that box from Gail's Bakery and just imagine the treats and delights hidden inside. If you've ever visited a Gail's you'll no doubt be brimming with excitement and anticipation. You'll be asking yourself, "is it one of their delicious muffins? A densely packed cookie maybe? A beautifully moist apple pie perhaps? Or maybe even one of their dainty little fougasse breads, generously studded with Nigella and sesame seeds?" You might even be wishing that it was one of their paper bags instead, filled with their delicious loaves of freshly made bread. Well, I can reveal the contents of this box for you, but brace yourself; extreme tastiness is about to ensue.

First up is this generous square slice of carrot cake. Now, I must disclose, I am quite a fan of this particular confection, so my standards are, I think, pretty high. Well this multi-layered beauty ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned. The cake itself is moist and nicely scattered with the sweet carrot and packed with walnuts which adds an extra dimension of texture. The icing (made with cream cheese on a carrot cake) was nicely sweet whilst maintaining the savoury element that the use of cheese should impart.

Second up, and looking perhaps even more visually impressive is this lemon meringue cupcake. The meringue topping was beautifully light and fluffy. It gave away to a tangy, fresh lemon cake base. This was about as light and fresh as a cake like this could get. Amazing to be eating something that's so indulgent and (I'm guessing) sugar-rich and feel like you're having something that doesn't seem very heavy or guilt-inducing.

I've been a fan of Gail's Bakery for quite a while now. I regularly buy their seaweed bread and olive baguette. Their delicious seed-covered buttermilk crackers are also a favourite. I don't only like Gail's because their produce is delicious. I also appreciate what they do for Londoners. Providing them with a source of fresh, daily-baked bread that is made the way bread should be; without any additives that will lengthen its shelf life. Sure, it might not last as long, but that's the point. Eat fresh bread daily and you notice the difference. And as this post suggests, I'm grateful that they also know how to turn out brilliant cakes and other sweet treats.

On top of this, they've managed to keep this commitment to quality whilst expanding quite significantly (in London at least) in recent times. I say, if you can do that without affecting quality, then go for it. In my opinion, everyone deserves a bakers like Gail's.

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  1. Tom,

    Thanks for the great feedback, we are very much steered by our customers' feedback, so it’s great to hear when we are doing things well. Let us know if you would like us to keep you in the loop with our community activity and events.

    Tom (GAIL’s founder)

    1. Yes, feel free to keep me in the loop- glad you enjoyed reading